What Is Agree To See?

I Agree to See I Agree To See is a growing collection of both new political ads and memorable political communication from the past.

Our team of political media professionals, advertising experts, journalists and campaign veterans curates the best, funniest and most creative political communication from around the globe and shares it with a politically engaged audience.

Our website is non-partisan – we focus on facts, polling, innovative advertising technology and our own political expertise to add insight to the story behind the screen.

Sharing the Story Behind the Screen

During the 2012 election, over $5 billion was spent on political advertising – and in 2016, that number exceeded a record breaking $6.8 billion from campaigns around the country.

With Citizens United busting the doors open to an unprecedented amount of political spending, voters should know how that money is being spent to influence their vote. Our team follows these stories 24 hours a day; so visit us often to stay in the know.

Our Campaign Exchange Platform

We’re building an audience of people who like watching political ads. This audience will not only watch your ads, but is more likely to share them – expanding the reach of your content.

Through our Campaign Exchange Platform, we’re offering an opportunity for campaigns and causes to send us their TV ads, and we’ll promote them to our growing opt-in community – for free.

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Who Are We?

This site was launched and is managed by Storefront Political Media, a California-based firm that runs campaigns and help causes around the country. The team at Storefront is not only constantly working on campaigns – but they are working to innovate new ways to win elections and raise money for causes. Check out our latest platform SpeakEasy Political, which allows campaigns to create, target and send direct mail for a fraction of the price.

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